Saturday, January 9, 2010

...blew my knickers up!

... so as i said yesterday.. there is so many new frocks and frills that the shop girls didn't have time to get it all out in just 24 (hrs), conveniently giving me another excuse to go shopping again! you know how i feel about being first in the door! let me just say yesterday was amazing.. today blew my knickers up!
FABULOUS! and let me just tell you.. yes it does look as good on you as it does on the mannequin. (maybe even better.. there is something about movement..)

OMG (goodness, don't need the saint on me for that one!)

This is one of the shop girl's personal favorites..

by the way.. For girls with more to love... there are gorgeous new finds for you too.

and the word of the day ladies.. "Accessories!"... pick out a fabulous "New You.." frock and do it up right with an accessory... here you go...just a taste (please get a napkin for the salivating.. you'll ruin your keyboard)

and just a sneak peak at the love that will be in force... shortly.

<3 the siren

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