Monday, February 28, 2011

This Saturday!

Join us for the 2011 m7 Street Fair! and the debut of the Sirens and Saints trailer... you will be amazed!

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  1. Dear Shelly and Minnie... it was a blast this weekend at the Street Fair and you Gals knocked it out of the park with that Sirens and Saints Dream Trailer... OMG, unbelievable, it truly took my breath away and your hard work and creative touches and attention to detail were SO evident!!! Minnie, sorry I didn't get a shot of you too... it was so crazy busy and we didn't run into you again before we had to leave for the other event, as always the two of you were looking fabulous! Shelly your new bags were amazing. *swooning* Of coarse I've blogged about the unveiling of the Sirens And Saints Trailer and will have another Blog of the Shops and new creations you were showcasing... Love Ya!

    A big Bohemian Hug... Dawn... The Bohemian


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